Undergrowby Boots

Exclusive to The Magic Wand Factory, exquisite, individually hand-made miniature stoneware or porcelain boots. Presented in a mini shoebox or on a laminated card, with a choice of five different poems and the shoemaker story on the reverse.

* SOLEMATES BOOTS.  A bonding token for lovers

* SUNSHINE BOOTS.   To bring good luck

* CLIMBING BOOTS.   In times of trouble

            * BABY BOOTS.  A gift for the newborn 


* FRIENDSHIP BOOTS         For a friend


The Shoemaker.


In the land of Undergrowby, where earth and heaven meet

A shoemaker displays a sign “Come in don`t scrape your feet”

For I will scrape your muddy boots to make a ball of clay

With which I”ll make a pair of boots to celebrate this day

A tiny pair of boots to bind two hearts, twin soles for ever.

A memory of a path you shared, a time you spent together.

Or they may be from one alone, sweet solitude is rare.

And yields earth`s closest secrets, some paths are not to share.

For those who tread this way, are drawn by forces unseen.

Along a path prepared by Mother Earth, as in a dream.

And souls who walk together here, where earth and heaven meet.

May catch a glimpse of heaven, In the earth beneath their feet.

These boots, once fired and turned to stone.

A memory of the whole, walk you gently inward.

On the pathway of the soul.


Exclusive Undergrowby originals by Carol Gray.

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